Friday Night Special

Tomorrow night — Friday the 18th — I’m planning on watching Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band — the one with the Bee Gees — which I finally got around to ordering from Amazon.  I loved this movie as a child (ok, pre-teen) and actually think that I wouldn’t love the Beatles as much as I do had I not been introduced to some of their more unusual songs via this movie.  Plus it’s a really fun movie.

I have a nice, large, lovely TV and big comfy sofas.  I would love company.  I’ll probably order pizza for dinner, and plan on starting the movie around 6:30 or seven.  Any takers?

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Special

  1. just so you know
    It is definitely on for Xanadu at The Carolina Theatre. April 22. We’re doing a movie marathon (more information to hit the waves over the next few weeks).
    that is all.


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