I take Halloween rather seriously (for an adult, at any rate) and I always have a great deal of fun thinking up (and making, usually, though I’ve also burned the crud out of myself with the gluegun) costumes.I think my speciality is large foam-rubber constructs. I discovered a few years ago that an electric carving knife works pretty well on foam, and that large sheets of foam are generally available at local fabric stores. I really love costumes that completely transform you — that make you into a whole new shape — and foam rubber definitely fits the bill on that one.

This was 1994. And yes, I did change into a Law at the end of the evening!

 215695709-O-1 One year Adrian and I went as Tab A and Slot B
 IMG_2984 Another year I was candy floss and he was Dr. Perry O’Dontal
 IMG_6955-002 And one year we were all steampunk-y (he was geek steampunk)
  Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Caroline and me (R2D2). This is actually a recreation of a costume that my father made me when I was 8, some twenty (at that time) years previous.
 3854448160_ca8977f766_m This is the original costume, circa 1978.
  My dress was two men’s t-shirts and a piece of .5 inch foam on Tuesday (Halloween was Friday night) — I was up *very very* late. Jeff’s was quite easy by comparision.And, no, I never yanked the football away, causing Jeff to fall on his patootie. That would’ve been mean!
  Cat in the Hat and Thing 1, with Stephen Roberts, vintage 1993.
  David Rhodes, Caroline Wiggs and I as the Scooby Do gang, circa 1998.
   Interplanet Janet (yes, another Schoolhouse Rock costume), in 1999.
   Giant, wind-up, hopping lips, in 2000. These actually went to Colorado for a Halloween party, all rolled up like a set of golf clubs. Or a giant tortilla.
  Moulin Rouge in 2001.
  With Mike Broome in my wench get-up. (This was actually at a Ren Faire not Halloween, but I did wear the same costume for Halloween in 2002 (I think?).
 02026_p_9aek3m4zz0603 NCSSM – I was a pylon. A Southern Beall pylon. I lived in Beall dorm.








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