What I do (and how I came to be doing it)

I may have sent you here for the most updated version of my resume (in which case, you can find it right here) or maybe you were looking for the down low on what my greatest strengths are (find them below) or you couldn’t find me on LinkedIn…?  Either way, you’ve found my career page.

The tl;dr on my career is:  20+ years of communications, web strategy, marketing, and team & project management; 6 years of open source software evangelism (especially around the importance of open source in education); and a lifetime of passion about diversity, getting people involved in STEM, and the importance of inclusiveness — all of these things can be yours!

My greatest strengths:

  • strategy / problem solving: I am good at coming up with creating problem statements, identifying assumptions and constraints, figuring out which variables can be tweaked and then finding the best solution
  • putting together disparate pieces into a cohesive view, which is very much tied into the problem solving piece, I believe, and remembering “this thing that we talked about six months ago may be related to the issue that just came up yesterday” (also known as connecting the dots)
  • evangelism (about things I care about) and teaching
  • passion. It’s probably the definition of the blessing and a curse. I can’t imagine doing a job (or anything for that matter) that I didn’t care about
  • communication, especially when there’s disagreement. I am good at calming the waters (I think) and helping people see where their communication style may be causing more waves than necessary.


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