Weekend in review

So the weekend, all told, was pretty good.  Saturday night Jeff and I went out to Thai Palace in Chapel Hill, where the Tom Kha Gai was not as good as normal, but the Mee Krob and spring rolls were delicious.  Before we left for the restaurant, Jeff had the foresight to think to call Target to see if they had wheelchairs — and they do!  After dinner, we headed over to the Target were I was darned pleased to be able to scoot around in their motorized wheelchairs — free and unencumbered.  Sadly, I am not a particularly good motorized wheelchair driver, and every time you back one of those suckers up it *beeps beeps beeps* loudly, calling attention to the fact that you’re not a very good driver.

Earlier in the week, my friend Kim came to visit and brought me both a delicious dinner and Peeps treats, including a peeps egg-dying kit.  Now, I love to dye eggs… it’s part of the whole holidays-being-a-big-deal when I was a little girl.  We took come again-Harding, tree-decorating and Easter egg-dying quite seriously, spending hours and hours perfecting our designs and executing them.  Many years ago, I had an egg dyeing brunch at my house and had friends over to dye Easter eggs… that was a great deal of fun, but I haven’t had the opportunity to dye eggs ever since, so I let at the opportunity.

Sunday morning, Jeff and I dyed Easter eggs — and it was a blast!  I don’t think he completely understood the seriousness with which I approach projects like this, so he might have been surprised by my requests for crayons, masking tape, candles, the spare egg dyeing hooks that I keep in the junk drawer (no kidding, really I do), etc. In fact, he only vaguely remembered dying eggs as a child himself, and seemed to think that dyeing eggs consisted primarily of dumping them in a single color, and then eventually fishing them out.  I showed him the joy that Easter egg dyeing could be (and his eggs were quite pretty!).  The best yet, later this week I’ll devil them …mmmmmmmmm… deviled eggs..

Sunday afternoon, I decided I needed sustenance of substance for dinner, and wanted a stake.  Jeff was kind enough to run to the grocery store and get steak and sweet potatoes for me.  While he was gone, I broiled some asparagus that we had on hand with butter, olive oil, lemon juice and sliced almonds to go alongside (note: cooking on crutches is no more fun than any of the other routine things to do on crutches. feh.)

He came home with not only steak and sweet potatoes, but also an Easter lily, which I’ve always wanted, but never had.  I didn’t realize that they smelled so good…

Then, after dinner — super-treat!! — Jeff brought out the cupcakes that he’d gotten for me from the store (at the Target the night previous, I’d had fits over the woman in front of us in-line, who had cupcakes..), and we watched the remake of The Avengers, which was actually pretty terrible.  Oh well, the cupcakes were delicious.

9 thoughts on “Weekend in review

  1. I’m inspired! I’m not sure we’ll do eggs quite that decorative, but you never know. Em is a bit young still to dye eggs herself (or even to watch…she would want to “help”), so we’d have to do it in secret. :)


  2. *giggle*
    I sucked at driving those motorized wheelchair thingies at the store, too. And the one that I was driving through Safeway *beep*beep*beep*’d pretty darn loudly.
    But my-oh-my do those things make sharp turns! :-D
    Your dyed eggs are lovely! (Brings back memories of me as a very small child watching my dad painstakingly make plaid eggs and my mom boiling up onion skins for that rusty-orangy color for egg dying.)


    • “But my-oh-my do those things make sharp turns! :-D”
      It took everything I had not to spin it in a little circle going “wheeeeeeeeeee”… but I thought that’d be inconsistent with the “poor me, I’m broken, can I please use your motorized cart” image I’d taken when I entered the store. :-)
      I attempted a plaid egg… the masking tape didn’t fully cooperate… but it was ok anyway.


      • Whereas I figured, “Hell, I’m in this position because I ride a motorcycle. Zooooooommmmmmm!!!” :-D (I was actually pretty well-behaved.)
        I don’t remember my dad using masking tape–I remember him oh-so-carefully holding just the end/side of the egg he wanted in whatever color bowl of dye for minutes and minutes, and somehow even if we bumped him a couple of times during the process they managed to come out pretty, or at least interesting. I sometimes forget what patience that man must have until I remember things like this.


  3. Those eggs are gorgeous! Looks like you take egg dying as seriously as I take Christmas sugar cookie decorating. Lotsa fun, time consuming, worth it. Even with B. “helping.” He ran out of patience this year before I was done.


  4. I also liked that you were craving “stake.” ;o)
    All of this food talk has me hungry. Whenever you get all more better’d, you’ll come out here to visit and I’ll take you to Colonial Donuts. Mmmmmm. Dooooonuts…..


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