yowsa.  Apparently, it also understands how to do actions that are in the program window.  For example, I use Semagic to post my blog entries.  When I said “post entry”, it understood that I meant to post the entry to LiveJournal.

Okay, okay.  Enough being amazed by technology.

Knee updates:
the pain, for the most part, is much better.  I’m down to taking one OxyContin (time released version of oxycodone) at night, and lots and lots of ibuprofen during the day (which will help with the swelling, I’m told.)  I am doing my physical therapy, though honestly not as much as I probably should. (It hurts). Next week, I see Dr. Higgins again, and hopefully at that time he’ll clear me to unlock the leg brace, which might mean I’ll be able to drive again.

Other than the pain, the helplessness and trapped feeling that results from being unable to leave the house has been the worst part of this.  Most of the time, I’m really happy to be an extrovert, but times like this, I wish I could be happy just sitting at home “with time to myself”.  Again, counting my blessings, I really was out of it for the first week and a half (if you called me and I don’t remember it, don’t be offended… it’s because I’m not remembering anything from that time… sorry), so the passage of time wasn’t so excruciatingly slow then, but the last two weeks time has dripped by like molasses that’s been cooled in the fridge for several months.  All of this has been exacerbated by the fact that most of my normal craft pursuits are impossible in my limited mobility state.  The sewing machine — she is upstairs.  The stamps and paints and grommets and scissors — they are upstairs.  The beads, they are downstairs.  However, they are in a place where non-bendy leg space makes them inaccessible.  Oh so sad.  Plus, beads really need to be done over a desk or table or some other flatness, which my lap is not, so that they don’t all goes skittering away.

So that leaves me with knitting, which is well and good as I like knitting; however, I don’t yet have the mental stamina to tackle anything more complex than going round and round and round in a circle.  So I’m making a purse to be felted.  I had run out of black wool, but thankfully, my friend Kim is coming over tonight and bringing both Chinese food (yah!) and black wool.  And company.  Blessed, blessed company.

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