Really tired, but can’t walk away yet

I’m supposed to be cleaming my house, so my housekeeper can come clean my house tomorrow (go figure that one!), but I’ve been massively unmotivated, wanting instead to paw through the 20 (!) rolls of film I just got back from my trip to Europe and/or mess with LiveJournal more. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon (but not before I manage to get the spellchecker on the desktop client working (Semagic, if anyone knows??).)

Ah, the nested parentheses debate. Is it (when one is writing in regular old English (as opposed to, say, Fortran)) appropriate to nest parenthesis thusly (thereby denoting some subsequent [but no less important, naturally] thought) or maybe like (if one was to be really proper about it (tho one could argue that parentheses are, by their very nature, informal)) that.


You have thoughts too?

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