Ok, this time with a desktop client!

Take two. Well, I’ve just finished my refinance on my mortgage (I think. I keep expecting something *else* to go wrong.) As you may be sensing, this was NOT a smooth process. I’ve driven to Raleigh five times, twice for closings (this is one too many by my count) and three times to meet with the mortgage people. (Should I name names? I really would hate to see anyone else go through what I’ve been through… ). The short (and relatively painless to recount) version is that at first the dork mortgage agent sold me a mortgage that didn’t exist. Yep. Told me terms that just flat-out were made up, as near as I can tell.

This was Bad. So, three weeks later when I get to closing and the papers didn’t say anything like what we’d talked about… well, I pitched a fit. And got the jerk mortgage agent’s boss involved. Of course, by this time the rates had gone back up. Oh joy.

In the end, they ended up buying down a point (out of their pocket) and knocking off a few hundred in fees. And I did get the low rate on the 7/1 ARM. I *would’ve liked* to get the low rate on the 30-yr. fixed but it was too late for that. Sigh. I’d like to think I won’t be in this house (as much as I love it) in seven years.

This was veryvery frustrating. I am glad it’s over. I had a McFlurry as a treat after.

You have thoughts too?

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