A nice thing happened on the way to work…

So I’d pulled into the right lane for to be making my exit when the UPS truck in front of me (but still in my old lane) started to move into my lane. He did signal, but I think I must’ve changed lanes in between when he checked and when he put on his signal and started his move. So I mashed my brakes (“mashed”, BTW, is a word that apparently is only used in the South to mean “to press” in a verb-like sense), slowed down and flashed my headlights to say “go ahead, it’s cool, you can come on over now.” He did. End of Story in my head.

Well two lights later (at the corner of Davis & 54 for anyone local) he in the next lane was beside me… I wasn’t paying him any attention, but then I got the weird “something’s going on right outside of my field of vision feeling” and I looked over at him. The sweet guy was waving, smiling and mouthing “I’m sorry”. Awwwwwwww!

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