Walking disaster

1) I don’t like a single cereal1.  That would be too simple.  No, I like a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition cereal mix: granola, Heart Healthy, Barbara’s little hexagonal things that remind me of wheat chex, some sort of pine-needle-bran-thing, etc.

2) I make the mix in a giant tupperthing.

3) My kitchen is a mess (all part of the massive house reorg happening at the moment) — boxes all over the place, things in sink that don’t belong in sink, etc.

4) The only place to make the cereal mix was with the tupperthing balanced on the side of the sink.

5) You see where this is going.

6) Yah Dyson!

1 Actually there are several cereals that can “stand alone” in my book; unfortunately they’re all “sugar bombs”:  Coco Puffs, Golden Grahams, Cap’t. Crunch, etc.   I just can’t get past the guilt that would be involved eating a bowl of straight sugar in the morning, hence the “healthy mix” (and a load of Splenda on top).  Yes, I know that the result is probably just as unhealthy as the oh-so-nummy-sugar-bomby-goodness would be, but the perception… (/guilt)

9 thoughts on “Walking disaster

  1. I think a lot of people mix, so there’s no shame in it. :) Doing it ahead of time prolly makes even more sense. I don’t mix, because breakfast cereal is a tough one for me to start with: the cereal has to taste good enough for me to want to eat it, but not so good that I’ll eat it directly out of the box, or it’ll all disappear as snack food. If I mixed, I’d prolly just turn it into snack food by mixing in too much sugary goodness. To be honest, I stay away from cold cereal anyway most of the time. I’d rather have a piece or two of toast.
    (OT — Did mention that I met him a few weeks ago at the Regulator? He was with SV.)


    • Yes! He did! It was funny because I’d just been talking about you earlier that week (we were doing the “where’s somewhere new to eat” thing, so I went to your blog). I think we ended up going to a Cuban place near downtown Cary, which, though tasty, still didn’t match the chicken-black-beans-and-rice that I had in Miami a million years ago.


  2. I have a new favorite cereal. Rice Crispies with Strawberries. Still something like a sugar bomb but Rice Crispies is on the low end of sugar bomb-ness and hey, dried real strawberries! And I do put a load of artificial sweetener on it. I think I eat about one third to half a box in a sitting.


      • I use Nutrasweet because Splenda is evil!
        It is evil because it messes me up more than sugar does (I have a Large reaction to sugar and therefore have to avoid Sugar, Caffeine and Alcohol). Nutra-death affects me less so if I want something sweet, it is my artificial sweetener of choice.


  3. so – on the dyson machine – is it worth it? my 3-year old hoover is eminating a smell that tells me it is going to die soon. rather than shell out $150 every 3 years, i could shell out the $500 for the dyson and have a dependable cleaner for the long haul?
    what’s your experience with it?


    • Dyson. Don’t pay $500 tho — watch woot.com — it comes up every few weeks for $299.
      I spilled 4 boxes of cereal. ALL OVER my floor. Dyson got it all + a lot of things that I didn’t even know were there. Funny, funny noises when I stuck the pokey-stick attachment under the fridge for the first time.


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