The great glasses debate

Quick backstory: having had lasik many, many moons ago, my eyes are pretty darn good.  That being said, the computer-all-day thing stresses them out and sometimes by the end of the day I’m 20/25 in my left eye and 20/30 in my right.

Normally that’s so trivial that it’s not worth correcting, except that my vision plan through work has a glasses benefit and the optometrist I saw today (eye checkup, no panic) had some frames that were 50% off, thereby putting them 100% within the allotted benefit amount.

So, basically, free glasses in case my eyes are tired and wonky, so it seems silly not to get them.

There are two pairs in contention (and all other variables are equal, as price is identical.  Free.).  There is a hair up and hair down photo for each — please, please note, no makeup and no hair fussing was done today, it being mostly a work-from-home day.  The shirt isn’t all that flattering either, but I’m desperate for additional opinions.


(old photos have gone missing)

9 thoughts on “The great glasses debate

  1. first of all, you look charming in all four photos :)
    i voted in favor of option 1, thinking that the lighter frames are more timeless. i looked at option 2 and thought, Those look great now, but maybe they’ll look dated in ten years. you know, that ‘oughts-retro-sixties period’ or something.
    but has a point too.


    • Peter, you are too kind :-)
      Many thanks! Good point about them looking dated, though I’d prolly get new ones before then. Hell, I’ll prolly need bifocals by then. :-(


  2. I like #2
    Frames should either disappear or accentuate, IMO. The first ones don’t *quite* disappear enough for my tastes; the second accentuate nicely.
    In any case, frames are accessories… have fun with them! You’ll be eligible for more frames in about 2 years, you can ‘refresh’ your style as you go.


  3. because…
    The first pair might be a better choice if you wore them all the time, but since they’re an occasional thing (like wearing scarves or snappy boots), I’d go for the greater flair of the second pair.
    — Rhymin’ Phil
    p.s. I’m lovin’ the long hair!


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