My letter to PayPal

Dear Paypal,

Today I received an email from your regarding fraud and how it could be avoided. I double-checked the source of the email, then followed the link to your article on Paypal spoofs, from which I followed another link to the “10 ways to recognize fake (spoof) emails” article,” which launched in a pop-up window.

How ironic that #9 in the list in the pop-up window was:

“Pop-up boxes. PayPal will never use a pop-up box in an email as pop-ups are not secure”

I recognize the difference between a pop-up in an email (which this was not) and a pop-up on a web page (which this was), but *in the context* of giving people information to make them suspicious *and* knowing that people often skim lists like this (and would therefore skip right over the “in an email” bit), it seems to me that putting this information in a pop-up is likely to cause needless worry, and perhaps even cause people to discount your good advice as spoofing.

My $.02, YMMV, of course.

You have thoughts too?

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