tee hee

Sunny/Dark: 5/10
drY/Gross: 4/10
Traditional/Offbeat: 6/10
Active/Passive: 5/10

You are a SYO–Sunny Dry Offbeat. This makes you a Sly Boots.

You are the cutest! You come off so nice and sweet that people don’t think you’ll be funny, and then SHA-POW you’re pouring the Beringer and making gentle but searingly accurate fun of the people you work with.

If there isn’t one of your type at a party, then I don’t want to go.

You would never use humor to hurt somebody. You start slow and finish big, sometimes dropping little humor bombs no one gets until later. You know how people are always like, “Hey, you should invite so-and-so.” You’re so-and-so.

You might like Mystery Science Theater 3000, A Fish Called Wanda and the following story (stop me if you’ve heard this one):

My boyfriend and I were touring Ireland in a rental car. Every time he saw castle ruins, which was about every hundred yards, he’d say, “Look at that castle! It’s RUINED!” He was totally SYO. I shoulda tapped dat sh1t. (Story reprinted from article talkback.)

Of the 18370 people who have taken this quiz, 5.5 % are this type.

Your Active humor score of 5/10 means you’re a yellow dash of comedy down the middle of the humorous road. You prefer to listen than to be the center of attention, inserting funny observations and comments rather than driving the herd. That’s cool. Just remember that the quantity of funny you provide tends to make people think you’re up to something.

from 20 Questions to a Better Sense of Humor

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