Quick update

I have been much slack in updating of late. Oops.

As an excuse I offer: busyness! (surprise! ;-)

Ok, so last weekend I:

  • Met Heather and Debra at Carrburritos (I think I might’ve put too many “rrrrrr”s in there) for Burritos as Big as Our Heads (BaBaOH) tm followed by Tift Merritt‘s album release party at the Cat’s Cradle. The Super Double Bonus was that Gary Louris (of The Jayhawks), who sings backup for some of the songs on this album, played as well. In fact, he sang one of my Most Favorite songs — All the Right Reasons — solo accousitc. Mmmmmm! I gushed at him a bit afterwards…
  • Saturday was the Day of Organization. Jeff & I went to several stores with multiple sets of measurements in hand in order to find a storage solution for my fabric and yarn. This is not an insubstantial problem.Some sewers/knitters, you see, find a pattern they like, then buy the fabric/yarn to complete it, then make the thing. Not me. Nope. I find fabric/yarn I like, then visit it on a regular basis, so as to be able to hear it when it tells me what it wants to be when it grows up. This means I have *lots* of fabric and *lots* of yarn. The sad thing was that my storage capacity was so limited that the materials were all squashed up, so some of them weren’t being heard properly (I mean, really, how could a nice little piece of quilting cotton in yellow expect to be heard over lime green polarfleece?).

    So now I have four little Target cabinets (with doors! on sale! $23.99/ea.!) that all the fabric can safely live in and two little shoe cabinets with 25 compartments each where all my yarn can live. Needless to say, the fabric and yarn are quite happy to be grouped by weight and color. And it makes me really happy to be able to go upstairs (the shelves line the catwalk that connects the stairs with the loft area of my house) and see all my pretties all nice and neat!

  • Saturday night, Jeff and I met ferociousbcycad, one of my significant ex-others (ex-significant others?) for dinner at Babymoon Cafe. Potentially awkward, yet decidedly not in reality (yah!). We had a blast (they actually have quite a bit in common… INTP’s [I’m listening to you all gape in surprise at that one! ;-)] who ride motorcycles, etc.) and ended up talking until nearly ten.
  • Sunday I decided that if I could finish a big (and very long-in-the-making project), I could clear off one of the tables upstairs, which would give me space to cut fabric (which would be far more ergonomically correct and far less backache-inducing than the current system of cutting it on the floor). So I spent Sunday afternoon (and evening and part of Monday night) reacquainting myself with how to do this craft that I’d not done in, oh, I dunno, 7 years? (geep). Only minor injuries were sustained and The Project (which is not being detailed here for a pretty good reason) is completed!
  • Tuesday night I met Greta for dinner at Rocky Mountain Firebird Grill Thing at my mall. Greta is one amazing person, and this time, just like last time, we managed not to do a stitch of knitting, but instead gabbed for three hours. :)
  • Wednesday night, thebroomecloset (surprisingly, another significant ex-other or ex-significant other, take your pick) and I met for dinner at Rockfish (and also gabbed for going on four hours*). Pretty amazing … I’ve known him for eighteen years (I think we figured out?…) and he’s still one of my favorite people on the planet.

* OK. That’s not all that amazing. I talk. A lot. I get it. ;-)

2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Wonderful
    Thank you so much for taking my mind off my impending surgery…It was WONDERFUL to spend time with you, and Sandy was thrilled with the *doggie bag* of course! I wore my gorgeous Lint Queen Creation everywhere and got a lot of compliments…I sure wish I’d had some of your cards!
    Let’s get together again soon, and maybe KNIT a few rows ;)


  2. I think *most* sewers/knitters has massive amounts of yarn and fabric just because it’s pretty. As a quilter, I buy LOTS of fabric, thinking “This is so pretty, I’m sure I’ll use it sometime!” I had it overflowing! When I hired a professional organizer, one of the coolest things we did together was make a craft closet. In an upstairs bedroom, she removed the double doors to a wide but shallow closet, took out the bar, and installed shelving, floor to ceiling. She organized my fabric in clear plastic bins, with labels, and all my scrapbooking and stamping tools go in there as well. it’s FANTASTIC. I’ve been quilting TONS since then!


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