Tickets acquired

Well, we’ve booked the tickets for this summer’s Europe trip.  Last summer was southern Germany, Switzerland and France; this summer is Germany (middle bits) and Amsterdam.

I love this part of the trip — ticket-booking stress is gone, and now I get to figure out what looks fun, where to stay, etc. etc.  Whee!

9 thoughts on “Tickets acquired

  1. Germany (some of my favorite bits)
    Sounds great… I, on the other hand, will be traveling from Paris to Raleigh next month. Yeah me!
    If your schedule is open, start around Koblenz and follow the Rhine north… I hitchhiked it several years ago and it’s beautiful.
    oooh, and the wild cherries growing long the banks of the Elbe should be ripe then too… mmm…


    • Re: Germany (some of my favorite bits)
      Koblenz is actually exactly where Jeff’s thinking of ditching me for a few so he can go ride (a mutually positive thing: I shop/putz in old town, he zoomzooms on bike). Am doing research on wine boat options from there…


    • Lessee — we leave here 25 June, arriving there 26 June. Then a few days in Germany before we meet the Europrezzes, a group of European BMW motorcycle riders that hangs out for a few days every summer somewhere in Europe (this time it’s outside of Amsterdam somewhere), then a few days in Amsterdam proper. I fly home on 6 July, and he stays another 6 days to ride more.
      (Anyone want to get me from the airport? It is, unfortunately, a late-arriving flight, 10:35pm)


  2. why not go to see a bob dylan concert in Germany?
    anyway his music has some kind of connection with R.E.M.
    [b]29 Jun Tue Bonn, Germany Museumplatz
    30 Jun Wed Worms, Germany Platz der Partnerschaft[/b]


    • Re: why not go to see a bob dylan concert in Germany?
      I suppose, it does, in a rather loose, they both use guitars sort of way…
      (Honestly, I don’t see the connection. I do like Bob Dylan songs; however, I mostly like them when they’re performed by people other than Dylan himself. His voice just…urgh…)


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