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  1. Oh my…Now I’m going to have that stuck in my head (and perhaps sing it out loud) when I see it! We won’t be seeing it until it’s out on video though, so at least I won’t be annoying anyone.


  2. whoa
    now I can’t get the *knitting with earworms in church* idea out of MY head. The musicplasma site is SO amazing…and although I MAY have been reading between the lines JUST a little, don’t let the demographics get you down girl….those statistics can be mighty misleading.
    BE .YOU.
    Love as Always,


  3. Passion — recently from Letterman
    Top Ten Things Heard Outside The New Mel Gibson Movie
    10. “Hey — no shoving, Monsignor!”
    9. “I don’t know why they added subtitles — everyone speaks Aramaic”
    8. “I’m hoping my medium Mountain Dew will miraculously be changed into an extra large Mountain Dew”
    7. “These ‘Lord of the Ring’ films are getting odder and odder”
    6. “Was this really based on a book?”
    5. “Twelve dollars for a movie ticket? Now that’s a sin, am I right, people?”
    4. “The Pope loved it almost as much as “Barber Shop 2′”
    3. “Uh…I don’t feel like dinner right now.”
    2. “That was awesome when Trump fired Pontius Pilate”
    1. “Don’t tell me the ending”
    –Phil (still haven’t seen it)


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