Weekend Update

Busybusybusy, but really good.

Friday night Jeff and I saw Big Fish and had a very very late, snackish sort of a dinner at CPK. Big Fish was visually stunning (as are most of Tim Burton’s films, IMHO), and more touching than I expected to me. Kind of sad, but not in a boo-hoo way. Dinner was yummy (new salad at CPK: lettuce, blue cheese, walnuts and beets — mmmmm!) and reminded me how much I like Cosmopolitans (a lot).

Saturday I had lunch with Greta. I don’t really know how to describe it, except for this: anyone who knows me knows that I *hate* cold. Just not very interested in numbness and runny noses and shivering. Greta and I sat outside, with the temperature steadily dropping for three-and-a-half wonderful hours. The whole time I said Not One Word about the cold (indeed I didn’t even notice it for a while which, given how chilly it got, was pretty amazing in and of itself) because I didn’t want to interrupt the magic. Probably a lot more could be said there, but suffice it to say that it’s pretty incredible to meet someone who’s just like you want to be.

But wait! There’s more! Saturday night Meghan and I went to see Calendar Girls (really fun movie), followed by sushi (spiral ecstasy— yummmy!) (Ed. note: “ecstasy” is a really funny-looking word.)

Sunday afternoon I met my friend Ann for knitting lessons, part deux. She’s starting her first knit-in-the-round project (which will be her first DPN project too), a lovely little baby hat. I attempted to cast-on and knit the devil hat for Jacintha; however, upon examination of the results later that evening, it is clear that I’m not quite good enough yet to attempt seed stitch without my full concentration. Her hat’s turning out great, though I had to frog a bit on mine.

Sunday evening there was a baby shower for my friend Patryce (who was “Pat” when I met her in high school, so calling her anything other than that requires a conscious effort), wherein we crocheted squares for eventual inclusion in a baby blanket. Terribly clever idea. I had quite a comeuppance upon discovering that what I’ve been thinking was basic (aka “single”) crochet for the eons that I’ve been doing it is, in fact, chain crochet, and wasn’t at all what we were doing at the shower.n Uh-oh. Back to looking like a complete dolt while struggling to figure out which loops it is, again, that I’m supposed to pick up this time… Oh well. Now I know. And I’ll be finishing both my square and Amy’s (friend of Patryce who is also the sort-of-ex sister-in-law of my boss, David).

Then more knitting and home and *pizza* — regular old Papa John’s cheese pizza! I haven’t had “normal” (as opposed to Thai chicken a la CPK or Gorgonzola & Artichoke a la Loop) in *forever*. It was goooooood.

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