Itsy. Bitsy World

OK, a few weeks ago Jessamyn (whose blog I read regularly) was talking on her site about a huge road trip that would include RTP. So I wrote her and said “Hey, if you get bored when you’re in NC, call me…” since I know the area and think we’d get along and whatnot.

So today I’m reading her account of the trip and who do I find out she’s visiting? My dear, old friends Steve & Heather. We’ve known each other for eons; in fact, Steve’s fond of saying that I gave him his first internet job, which I guess I did.

Again, the world shrinks, but in a really nice way!


One thought on “Itsy. Bitsy World

  1. damned postfix
    hey there — I sent you an email back but I guess your ISP and mine don’t like eachother. In any case, I am sorry I missed you and you’ll get some mail from me when our ISPs kiss and make up. – jcw


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