Sad Confession Time

I watched Dance Fever last night. Now, in my defense, I didn’t watch the bad parts (the commercials or the announcer or the silly Dance Fever Girls [who weren’t _half_ as good as the contestants — why were *they* being paid?]), just the dancing. And the judging. (Hail PVR!)

Here are my thoughts on the whole thing:
1) There were some *quite* good dancers.
2) I respected the diversity of styles represented (the winning group even had some traditional african dance moves!)
3) Clogging is the same thing as Irish Dancing, but has a much poorer reputation
4) MC Hammer repeats himself “You got the whole package. That’s right, the whole package. You got the whole package.” Lather, rinse, repeat.
5) The technical judge (whose name now escapes me) had the worst of it, as he actually had to judge their dance ability. Carmen (Electra) was in charge of judging “Appearance” (=costumes, I think), and MC Hammer was judging “The whole entertainment package” (which would seem to make the other two jodges redundant, no?
6) I really do like to dance & I should do it more often.

You have thoughts too?

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