(From the archives)

IOW: recovered from the Internet Wayback Machine. First posted in 2002!)

You should have seen me fixing my washing machine!

It’s a 13-yr. old Maytag, and I noticed (while sitting on my rear and watching stupid sitcoms, if that matters) that the wash cycle seemed to be taking overly long. In fact, I noticed that it had been trying to wash during all of Grace Under Fire and Ellen. On a whim, I called the 1-800 directory and asked if they had a 1-800 number for Maytag. They did, so I called.

Imagine my surprise when, instead of laughing in my face (“HA HA! You want help with a 13-yr. old-way-out-of-warranty-machine!?! HA HA!“), they most kindly referred my to a maintenance guy I’ll call “Scott” … since I think that was his name.

Well, Scott spent the next hour and a half talking me through the:

  • removing of the washer from the tiny little cubby closet in my bathroom where it lives;
  • getting down in the little space formed behind the washer and underneath the dryer;
  • getting back out of the little space formed behind the washer and underneath the dryer to get the wrench that I should’ve had before I ever got in there;
  • determining that it was a little solenoid-thing that was stuck shut (rather than a jammed hose or some other problem); and 
  • removing same solenoid-thing in anticipation of replacing it.

He even told me to call him back the next day so he could talk me through the re-installation of the new solenoid-thing. So, I went out the next day and bought a replacement solenoid-thing, called Scott (still on the toll-free number!!!) and installed the new piece. And I’m pleased as punch to report that the washer seems to be working flawlessly now!

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