TIL (much computer cleverness)

IMG_0023I figured out two things which had previously stymied me today, which delighted me to no end.  The first was how to make things format themselves nicely in a wiki that I’d never used before (and whose conventions were very non-intuitive to me). (As an aside, I really don’t understand the appeal of wikis over WYSIWYG editors — how is it easier to do this [[I am a page name typed correctly, even down to the case]] than it is to just copy the page URL and click the “link” button and paste it in?)

Anyway, I figured all that out, and consolidated several bits of messy documentation — yah me!

*And* I got all my Google calendar stuff to work correctly again (this was a Big Deal).  We recently switched to Google calendar at work, and it totally borked by sync to my phone, which had worked perfectly. Fixing it involved setting up 2-factor authorizaion and application-specific passwords and then explaining to the phones PIM tools which versions of what calendars and email I wanted to have.  It was complex, but I seem to have fixed it all now.

Several of my primary workflows (such as dragging an email onto the calendar to create a meeting are broken, but that’s not something *I* can fix, so I’m just going to have to deal with it.  I’ll take the small wins where they come.

You have thoughts too?

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