The computer and I are fighting. Again.

IMG_0034I was tired of not having anywhere to write the things I was thinking, and the old was in a sad, decrepit state. So I started to research website building tools.  The majority of the ones that I found were very slick (so much slicker than last I looked) drag-and-drop site builders, but, of course, they were all closed source and proprietary, and therefore evil.

But one of the tools I found listed was Pages in Github, and since I am an open source evangelist (more about that later) and am trying to convince teachers to start using Github in their college comp sci classes, it seemed that Github Pages might be a good choice.  Plus, when you go to the documentation ( it *seems* super easy. In fact, their instructions for getting Jekyl set up are only Three Simple Steps (their words) long.

Sadly, the instructions flat out didn’t work.  Worse, they made me feel like a right idiot.  When instructions have only three steps and are comprised of sentences like “After that, simply run the command, bundle installand you’re good to go,” it does feel like I (a reasonably smart bear) should be able to figure it out.

As it turns out (much hand-wringing and a few tears later), I discovered that the instructions were actually wrong (anger).  As a result, I have abandoned Github Pages and instead am going to try WordPress (hosted this time. The last time we self-hosted and that was a bit of a maintenance nightmare).

The next hurdle is to figure out how to get all my old content over from (and to remember to turn off publishing to Facebook before I do!).

You have thoughts too?

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