Friend is Missing — Nancy Coooper — any info needed

A friend, Nancy Cooper, who lives in Cary, NC, went jogging Saturday morning and did not return as expected.   Here’s a page with links to news stories and coverage… needless to say, we’re trying to get the word out every way we can:

8 thoughts on “Friend is Missing — Nancy Coooper — any info needed

  1. You’re doing well on getting the word out.. .and fast… Saw one of the posters at Sweet Tomatoes in Cary… Sorry I can’t help. Hope she turns out ok.
    The poster said she left Saturday morning to go jogging and didn’t come back?
    Where did she go to go jogging? She take her car or just leave from her house?


    • She left directly from her house (Lochmore neighborhood, I think, in Cary) — usually ran on the trails around there, according to my friend Diana (who knows her better than I and through whom I met her). Didn’t have ID or keys with her, apparently.


  2. i just heard on npr that they found a female body in that area, and they’re going to have a press conference later this morning – it sounds like they think it’s her. i wish it hadn’t turned out this way, and i’m so sorry… *hug*


  3. Update: I was there with many of her friends and neighbors watching the press conference live when they made the announcement. Everyone was so deeply saddened. I did what I could — hugging, passing out tissues — but there’s nothing that’s going to make this any better other than time.


  4. Oh, G, I’m so very sorry. This is such a horrible story just from a community standpoint. I can’t imagine how her friends and family must be feeling now. My thoughts are with you all. Hugs.


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