Powers of Thought

(sadly, not in any terribly useful way…)

The other night Adrian and I were watching the Barrett-Jackson car auction 1 and in the background of one of the long shots of the cars awaiting auction you could see an old blue Dodge Charger. I pointed it out to[info]aklikins , saying “Look –a Dukes of Hazard car”  2

The *very* *next* *shot* was of Bo Duke .  I swear.  He was out in the audience, signing autographs (he apparently had a replica General Lee on the block that night).

I manifested Bo Duke.

1 I like watching Barrett-Jackson. Much like watching dog shows, I find it calming and non-brain-draining. The commentators usually have nice speaking voices and they sprinkle sufficient trivia throughout each description that I’m not bored (“1984 was the year that Mustangs made the switch from a single fold down seat to a 50/50 split fold-down seat” or “The puli, which was bred for herding flocks on the plains of Hungary, has a naturally corded coat”).   Plus, you know, there’s the *shiny*.

2 I don’t know which is more scary — that I spotted a Charger in a pan over a parking lot full of cars or that I called it out as the General Lee-mobile (it wasn’t even the same color scheme).

3 thoughts on “Powers of Thought

  1. Wow
    Manifesting Bo Duke indeed. Now on to more benificial manifesting now that we have established the power? Your page layout is squonky in firefox btw.


    • Re: Wow
      Argh. I’ve been struggling with the layout thing. It looks fine (great even, in *my* firefox, but clearly mine is not like everyone else’s). This is why I don’t code for a livin’. (And I was *so* darn proud of myself when I finally completely CSS-ified my homepage. sigh. More work require.)


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