6 thoughts on “My favorite earworm at the moment

  1. WOW. So I clicked on your cut tag, and my thought processes went something like this: “Hey, I didn’t even know there was a Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain!…Wuthering Heights, huh? I wonder what that sounds like? The only song I know by that name is the Kate Bush one, but surely that’s not the song they mean. *clink play button* *giggles at Ukelele Orchestra and at joke about modern jazz* Ohmigod. Oh. My. God. They do mean the Kate Bush song. Ohmigod. That’s so incredibly wrong that it’s just plain incredible!”
    I have been enormously entertained. Thank you for sharing! :D


    • I think I could get to liking the UOGB one better, but I’ve known the Kate Bush version for (*gulp*) 20-odd years now, so the UOGB one sounds very definitely wrong (but not at all in a bad way) to my ears. :)
      “Wrought” is a good word for Kate’s version. *nods* yep, it is definitely wrought.


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