[info]aklikins and I were heading home from Ken’s Corny Korn Maze 1(which is *waaaaay* Southeast of Raleigh) and stopped at a Chick-fil-A for dinner.

The night manager was talking with a young Asian girl who was applying for a position.

I think the manager was trying to determine the applicant’s level of comfort with English when he asked:  “Where’d you learn to speak English at?”

1 It took us an hour and a half.  My excuse was that it was dark.

2 thoughts on “Overheard…

    • (1) I did hear her speak and she did have an accent… I couldn’t hear her well enough to determine how fluent she was, though.
      (2) ROTFLOL! We did talk about bringing a GPS… purely for “tracking purposes,” of course…
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