10 Odd Things about me, for you, in memey goodness

IdiomSavant (who was kind enough to play trivia with me last night) tagged me with this here meme, so here goes:

Here’s how you play: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says, “Tag, You’re it” on their profiles and ask them to read your blog. You can’t tag the person who tagged you.

  1. I have owned two R2D2 costumes in my life. My first, made by Dad, was in the fourth grade (and won my a Girl Scout Halloween costume competition).  The second, made by me, was 20 years later and won me universal acclaim at Charlie Goodnights, back when there was still a dance club attached to it.
  2. I’m fussy about which seat I sit in at a restaurant table.  I like to have my back to the door, but that’s not because of any Godfather-like paranoia, it’s because otherwise I won’t be able to see all the people…what if there were something *fun* going on behind me and I missed it?!Interestingly, my Dad (dtnorman) is fussy too — and with exactly the same preferences, creating a sort of race to the table when we eat together.  Luckily, my Dad’s a Good Southern Gentleman, which means I get to follow the host/hostess to the table, which means I get there first.  Ha!
  3. I throw righthanded and cartwheel lefthanded.  When I throw. Or do cartwheels.Let’s just say that this one isn’t as relevant now as it was when I was five.
  4. I don’t like top sheets. At all.  Either you tuck the top sheet in at the bottom (I am assuming no one tucks it in at the top… that would just be silly), in which case I can’t stick my feet off the bottom of the bed like I to do, or you leave it untucked at the bottom and I get all tangled in it and hot and bothered (and not in a good way).And I don’t suppose it’s any surprise that I *hate it* when the top sheet is tucked in all the way up the side of the bed — TRAPPED!!!

    Hm.  Don’t like sleeping bags either…. particularly not those mummy ones <shiver>

    OTOH, I *love* the European method of having a bottom sheet and a duvet with a cover and letting the duvet be the top sheet (with the duvet cover getting washed on the same schedule as the bottom sheet).  I was exposed to this (much more practical, IMHO) sheeting set-up when I was in France the summer after my junior year of high school (though I don’t think I adopted the system until somewhat later), and at this point I forget that most people *don’t* do it this way until I stay at someone’s house.

    BTW, this does pose one problem because King sheets tend to be sold in sets more than singles.  Don’t know why that is, but seems to be the case.  I’ve even been known to make my own duvet covers when I could only find flat & fitted in the style I wanted.

  5. I revere good grammar and am quite paranoid about writing poorly.  I have been known to completely rewrite paragraphs to avoid tricky bits like semi-colons (which I know how to use with words like “however” or “on the other hand” or “therefore” but which often feel odd otherwise).
  6. http://www.lintqueen.com/albums/album07/carryon.jpg (this is #6 but the number isn’t showing in the HTML and I’m tired of fussing with it)
    I’m an enormous fan of “always having everything you might ever need within easy reach” (which may just be a nice way of saying I’m incredibly lazy).  When I was small I used to create “packs” with all the things I anticipated needing during the course of my day:  crayons, paper, scissors, paste, Snoopy, books (Ms. Piggle Wiggle was a favorite) and snack, etc.  All the goodies would go into an old-fashioned carry on bag and I’d tote them around all day. 

    In my current life this is most obvious in the prevalence of lipglosses… one by sofa, one by bed, one at desk, two in purse, [heaven only knows how many in bathroom], one in car, etc.

  7. Jeremy is my favorite boy name. I think that’s because of The Jeremy Mouse Book, which is now out-of-print and for which I paid $100 from a used bookseller.  I *really* liked that book.
  8. Everyone should have one body part (of their own) that they really do love (OK, preferably I’m sure we’d love all of our 2000 parts, but that’s just a soap commercial talking):  I love my feet.  I have tiny, cute feet.
  9. I almost always sit with my legs crossed or one leg tucked up under me.  Even now, at my nice, ergonomic, home desk chair, I am sitting “Indian style” criss-cross applesauce (this is the term all the young kids are using these days, I’m told.
  10. My dream job would be to be a public speaker (not with, you know, a plan and everything… more like “get paid to talk to people randomly”) or maybe a professional party guest.

Here’s who I tag:

  1. thebroomecloset
  2. Sarah
  3. dtnorman (won’t do it, but worth a shot)
  4. endersjewel
  5. fmi_agent
  6. jhvilas
  7. curvyart
  8. jklgoduke
  9. laurahcory
  10. Sarah (but a different Sarah)

8 thoughts on “10 Odd Things about me, for you, in memey goodness

  1. See, I always like to have my back to the wall in restaurants, but in my case it is due to Godfather-like paranoia. It’s the same reason I refuse to go out on a lake in a rowboat with my brother’s main bodyguard and enforcer.
    (Okay, technically that would be “Godfather Part II”-like paranoia.)
    Thanks for playing! Participating in memes helps keep the Internet alive! (That and putting captions on pictures of cats.)


  2. Sitting with your back to the door . . .
    . . . was also frowned upon by Gurney Halleck.
    Yes, Lint, this is me. How dare you use my real name on my blog? And for that matter, post from an identity that has an empty blog attached to it? Haven’t you seen the Matrices? Elrond can zap you and turn you into himself.


  3. 4. I agree.
    8. I really like my hands.
    10. I would like to get paid to give lectures on cruises. Seriously. It would be cool if I could teach math on such cruises (how about auction theory and gambling?), but history and financial planning would also be okay.


    • You know I seriously think you could manage #10 … there are more and more cruise lines that are diversifying by targeting certain markets. Find a professional poker player and partner with her to pitch the deal…


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