Finally — I pull my weight

I’m pretty much deadweight in trivia (which I play most every Tuesday)… anything I know is usually science (and those questions are *stupid easy*!) or it’s pop culture (and it’s the sort that anyone our age knows) or it’s ..well, I guess those are the only ones I usually know.  I’m hopeless at history or geography or sports (except for the fact that I know Naismith invented basketball…that’s my lone sports-related trivia [Jerry, that was for you, as I believe you were at that game].  Trivium?)

Tonight the Trivia Gods smiled upon me!  The “picture round” was shoe types!!!  10 out of 10 for Gina! (For the whole team really, but I answered them all — normally I’m lucky if I get one per round).  I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilling it was to be able to *know* something for a change.

FYI, they were:

  1. Slingback sandal
  2. Thong
  3. Espadrille
  4. moccasins
  5. slingback pump
  6. hiking boots
  7. oxford
  8. chukka boots
  9. ballet flats
  10. t-strap

2 thoughts on “Finally — I pull my weight

  1. I don’t remember that particular game — but then, I don’t remember a lot of things that allegedly happened to me, including most of my childhood. Nevertheless, congratulations on your shoe-based trivia victory. Where do you play?


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