Tired of the BREAKING!

Ignoring all major unhappinesses entirely, within the past week I’ve dealt with:

  • a broken car (now returned, thankfully. iPod hookup still kaflooey though)
  • a broken laptop (wine + laptop = bad juju. also, thankfully, now working. yah for quick thinking and a spray bottle of water!)
  • a burnt-out lightbulb (still burnt out…waaaaaaaaay too high in bedroom ceiling to reach. approach TBD)
  • a broken puppy-treat canister (1 gallon size, almost full. yah Dyson hand vac and puppy not knowing how to get off couch)
  • a broken stereo component (still officially broken, but I’ve figured out a workaround)
  • (ETA) Did I mention the puppy chewed my *good*, new shoes? (not her fault, as she just thought she’d found a chewey, but still…)

Notice to Universe: Enough with the Entropy Already.

18 thoughts on “Tired of the BREAKING!

  1. I meant to toss some virtual hugs your way after your last post – was thinking about you today, even. *Hugs*!! Hope the gremlins go away and leave your stuff alone!
    Would you be available to do lunch sometime?


  2. a burnt-out lightbulb (still burnt out…waaaaaaaaay too high in bedroom ceiling to reach. approach TBD)
    We’ve got a long extend-a-pole with various lightbulb changing attachments. (You’ve seen our house. We needed this.) I’d be happy to bring it by and help counter a small amount of your entropy.
    And speaking of coming by … do you have plans Friday evening?


    • Howdy
      Tried to post earlier, was in class all day (Sharepoint — eek!) and PDA was not being as online friendly as I wish.
      Can’t this Friday — you know me — *hate* being alone on weekends under the best of circumstances, so I’m booking as much as possible. What about either Friday 16th or Sat. 10th?
      Thanks for offer of bulb-changing technology — I’ll take you up on that! (It can wait ’till we see each other; thankfully I am of the Many Lights [not thousand points of] type).


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