Heading West! — CA ppl pay attention! (there will not be a quiz)

To everyone in the SF Bay area — I’m heading your way (run, run now!!!) from Nov. 17 through Nov. 22. The first couple of days (17th-19th), I’ll be up at Wilbur Hot Springs with a buddy of mine from high school, but the evening of Sunday the 19th through the morning of the Wednesday the 22nd, I’m in your neck of the woods.

Unknowns at this time:

  • what I’m doing
  • where I’m staying
  • whether I’ll be vehicularly enabled or not

Knowns at this time:

  • Leaving Wilbur Sunday afternoon… will be back Bay-ish by Sunday evening. Will probably start in South Bay
    Front of lodge at Wilbur Hot Springs resort in...

    Image via Wikipedia -- Wilbur Hot Springs

    area, as I know I need to end up in North Bay areal

  • Flight is 12:30 out of SFO on Wed

So, if you’re around, and want to catch up, give me a shout!

You have thoughts too?

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