Very cute (in my biased opinion)

Little Cesar dog food commerical with a very cute Pom in it and — here’s the nifty bit — a (relatively obscure) song called “I Need a New Heart” by the Magnetic Fields that I adore!

(One of the best concertings I’ve ever had was a three-night, in order, live show of the Magnetic Fields 3-disc set “69 Love Songs” that I went to see with David at the ArtsCenter).

4 thoughts on “Very cute (in my biased opinion)

  1. That is a very cute pom. It reminds me of another commercial (for a dry dog food) where the pom is bouncing outside a glass door.
    Question: does your pom take his food out of the bowl and eat it on the carpet? It appears that all of the poms my mom has ever had does this. We are guessing that food must travel before being eaten.
    A friend turned me onto Magnetic Fields. I was thinking there was another band that was closely tied to them. I looked through my iPod and thought it was Guided by Voices but doing a search in the Internet, it turned out to be the other band on my iPod: Future Bible Heroes. If you haven’t found them yet, I suggest you give them a listen. The two bands share at least two members.


    • India definitely *tries* to move her treats. I think she knows kibble stays in the bowl, but, for example, a minute ago I gave her a tiny piece of frozen yogurt as a treat and the first thing she did is take it across the room to the doormat.
      Three repetitions of me taking the treat bringing it back to the bowl and saying “in your bowl” seem to have gotten that across.
      For this treat.
      This time. ;-)
      Will put Future Bible Heros on list — (and keep meaning to check GBV when they come through here in concert and keep missing them. Sigh).


  2. Two nights live
    hey lovergirl —
    I think it was actually their three-disc set performed over two consecutive nights. They split their opus in half and shared both bits with folks lucky enough to get tickets. I think that is how that whole tour went. We were fortunate to see it… still one of my favorite concert memories.
    Stephen Merritt starts a new band every 4-5 weeks. Besides Magnetic Fields and Future Bible Heroes, the other one I know about is called “The 6ths” and yes, it is supposed to be difficult to pronounce. What you need, LintQueen, is a giant-assed firewire harddrive.


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