Unexpected (positive?) side-efect of having a puppy…

Last night the lid of the lip goo container that I keep on my bedside table went missing. I looked around in the usual places this morning (under the part of the bed that I could see, under the nightstand etc.), but didn’t see it. Oh well. It will turn up.

India is not supposed to leave her “blankie” when she’s in the bedroom (other than to leave the bedroom, of course). After watching this hilarious video (thanks humblepie for the tip!) I take off my headphones to find that the blankie area is susiciously silent. A visual confirms: no puppy.

I call her and out she dashes from under the bed. She knows she’s in trouble (I think?) so she heads straight for “her room” (the guest bath). I follow her there, with the intent of shutting the gate for a little while. When I get there, she looks at me with a really weird grin on her face. At first I think it must be some variation on the “pant-pant-I’m-out-of-breath-face,” but a closer inspection reveals…

… a wee black lip goo lid in her wee black mouth.

I suppose I’ll count this as a “draw”…

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