Heading West — California here we come!

So, I survived the ANFDCS (Annual Norman Family Dysfunctional Christmas Shindig), which was this past weekend; as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even all that dysfunctional this year (!).  Having Jeff there certainly helps, as does the fact I’ve finally gotten straight the names of all of my step-cousins.  Those things, plus the fact that I’d lost three pounds due to having the plague1 the week before and thereby met the “lost weight” criteria (which is *very* important to my Grandmother…what can I say, she’s from another age..), meant that all-in-all there was no criticism directed my way, making me very happy.

I’m now in that odd place where I think I’m mostly ready for Christmas…until another boxload of things arrives via mail and the wrapping & tagging cycle begins again.  Or until I realize that there’s Mandatory Work Fun the next day and I have to bake (most recently, Monkey Bread, for tomorrow’s IS breakfast.  Anyone know why it’s called Monkey Bread? Or why there’d be Mandatory Fun at 8:00am?!). Or until I realize that I leave on Friday and haven’t yet sent emails out explaining itinerary.  Or….

Anyway, between Christmas prep and recovering from the plague1 I got the day after my show (thank heavens for small favors, at least!), I’ve not been paying much attention to LJ.  If something important has happened and I didn’t make any appropriate comments…well, pretend I did.  Or drop me an email or something.

Upcoming Plans:
On Friday night (or maybe Saturday morning), Jeff and I are headed to Charlotte to have Christmas with my mom and Grumps (Sat. afternoon) and Dad (Saturday evening).  Then Sunday morning we fly to California (WHEE!), to stay one night with our friends Spider and Eli, then three nights at Wilbur Hot Springs.  Then we’re heading south to Santa Cruz to stay with our friend Darryl, with lunch on the way in Calistoga with Edson and Minna, folks Jeff’s known from years from the European motorcycling crowd. 

Hopefully on the 30th/31st we’ll be able to head back up to the Bay area to see folks I work with/friends of mine from high school like Alan/sundry others who might be interested in catching up.  Have no idea what’s up for New Years, other than we’ll be with Darryl, and then we’re flying back to NC on the 1st.

1 Ok.  Just a nasty head cold.  But it felt like the plague.

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