Slightly overwhelmed at the moment.

Anyone know anything about shooting “still lifes” (still lives?) and want to help me with a photo shoot?  I have a super-wonderful idea for a Christmas card design, but it’s going to require some photography techniques that I’ve never tried before.

Basically I need to take a miniature model of a scene and make it look HUGE.  I have a macro lens (and that is seeming like the right answer from a gut perspective), but I’m not sure.  Any ideas?

I also need to start crafting in earnest (SERIOUS CRAFTING!!!!  ;-)  for the show this year.  Like last year, I’ll be doing the Holiday Shoppe (again, the extra “e” makes it classs-ay) at Cary Academy.  I’ll have jewelry, polarfleece hats, knitted and polarfleece scarves, bags and a wide assortment of “etcetera.”

I’m considering selling some of my photography, though I have reservations about whether any of them are the sort of thing that people would actually pay money for.  I was considering making notecards (which, because they’re useful, at least gives the photography a purpose…less pressure than hanging on the wall).  Good idea?

Finally, I *have* to get a better system for putting my crafts online.  Right now I’m manually adding them to HTML tables, which, as you can imagine, is making updating so onerous that I don’t do it very often.  I need to have a wee db, into which I can add simple info like product name, image, description, price and then have it display in a web page (preferably with little “buy” buttons).  This is completely beyond my skillset though… anyone want to trade jewelry (or hats or scarves or…) for db/web geekery? (Think Christmas gifts!!  ;-)

3 thoughts on “Slightly overwhelmed at the moment.

  1. I used Movable Type to set up an art gallery website for a friend of mine. So far it’s worked really well for us. I should say for me, because I maintain the site for him :) Adding new entries is about a thousand times easier than when I was building all the HTML by hand.
    He doesn’t sell online so that wasn’t an issue for us, but if you needed to link to a shopping cart or Paypal you could use the MT entryID as the product ID in the cart.
    Here’s his site: If you’re interested in this approach I can email you details.
    Also I’m interested in hearing what advice you get on your photo shoot. What macro lens do you have? Do you use it a lot?


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