I’m in love

I’m in NY and I’m in love.

You see there’s this company, called Fresh Direct, and they will bring you your groceries. And not just the “dry goods” that netGrocer (who I used to love back in the day) used to bring. No, they bring the fresh goods too — the milk, the artisanal cheeses, the orange juice, the spinach greens. But they go one step better than that too — they will bring you whole, already-cooked, ready to heat-and-serve meals — and good ones too!

Jeff (whom I do still love, of course) and I placed an experimental order this week, as I’m working his place and there’s nothing to eat here *and* all the cooking implements are still in boxes(1). Last night we ate the ravioli with slow-cooked tomato sauce and corn-on-the-cob (which we nuked in moist paper towels, my favorite way of cooking corn) slathered with the butter that they also brought (and salt that Jeff nicked from work).

Tonight we’re having roasted lemon-thyme chicken with asparagus and potatoes gratin. Dessert will not be an issue as there’s a gelato place across the street :)

Granted, this is nothing much more different than you can pick up at a Harris Teeter, but (a) there’s a much wider selection of goodies and (b) *they bring it to you*!!!

(1) and not likely to be unboxed soon as they’re now making noises about him moving to Mineapolis. I kid you not.

4 thoughts on “I’m in love

    • I think I’m jealous!
      The chicken last night was actually quite tasty — and the gratin was amazing (but how wrong can you go with potatoes and cream?)
      I tried to order wine, but they wouldn’t deliver it to this address (no idea why)…but the bodega had wine, so all was well.


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