I often dream that my right knee1 won’t bend properly.

When I’m dreaming I know that lack of mobility isn’t right somehow; that my knee will bend if I only get it moving the right way (though I’m never able to, it seems).  I think I’ve also woken up several times knowing that I’d had one of those “knee-won’t-bend” dreams, but I’ve never been able to capture that before it slipped away.  Then, a few weeks ago I was talking with Jeff when — all-of-a-sudden (and quite out of the context of the conversation) — I remembered that my knee won’t move in my dreams, but, leery of interrupting the conversation, I didn’t say anything and the realization fell out of my head again. (poof)

Last night I was reading ursulav‘s entry on sleep paralysis when I finally became consciously aware of my strange dream paralysis.  I quickly opened my LJ client and typed the first sentence of this entry so I’d be sure not to lose it again (yah me!).

Now, as for what to do with this information:  still no clue there.

1 Yes, that is the knee upon which I had surgery.  These dreams predate the injury (or at least the more recent and incapacitating injury that prompted the surgery) by years and years though.

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