Euro snippet #1

So we were in Luxembourg (I’m sure one of those photos is of Luxembourg  ;-) having eaten at a really neat restaurant called Chiggeri where we had gratins with cheese-of-your-choosing (St. Something-or-other-for-me, Rebluchon for Jeff) — mmmmmmm — and had gone to get ice cream (actually we were after italian “ice”, but found something that wasn’t quite that) when we heard a band playing.  It was a swing band and the tune was familiar.  Very familiar.

It was Radar Love(1), by Golden Earring.  Truly surreal.  And pretty darn good, actually… translates nicely to a swing band.

(1) Ok, I admit it, I thought it was “Red Hot Love”… I know that it is was Radar Love, but apparently it’s filed in my head under Red Hot Love.

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