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DANG my KNEE HURTS!!! Went to physio today and stiches were taken out (cried like a little baby girl, I did). Plus did lots of bendy things with my knee that made awful noises and felt worse.

This is going to be a long six weeks (the duration of time I’ll be strapped in this damn brace).

And on knon-knee matters:
I saw something in a movie tonight (the original Thomas Crown Affair, which, unfortunately was one of those movies that move too slowly and bore me, so I didn’t finish it… or maybe that’s just the codeine talking) that made me notice something that used to be commonplace in my life that’s now vanished completely: calling a telephone number to find out the correct time. I used to phone the local time line at least once a month to make sure all my clocks were right, and I’ve not done that in at least 7 years now. Odd.

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  1. i don’t know about where you live, but here i dial “popcorn” and i get the time! i remember growing up, my mom would ask me to dial “popcorn” on occasion, so i was surprised that it still worked 25 years later!


  2. Pivot shift is a problem. Glad to hear that you got it taken care of! That torn meniscus sounds like a time bomb that you were lucky to have gotten taken care of too.
    Knee injuries really really really suck. Glad to hear that yours is going to be better. Try to keep that in mind: this is a chronic annoying problem that you are getting rid of.
    And six weeks, they say? Holy mackerel, that’s nothin’. I mean, relative to the life of your knee and all the things for which you depend on it for. Plus, blood flow to that area is miniscule, so healing takes forever, so six weeks sounds really quick to me. Sure, it’s a big pain in the tuckus, but you can do just about anything for six weeks.
    So did it wind up costing less than two grand, between two and ten, or more than ten, if I may be so bold? I expect that the list price on the dead-guy-bit was around four grand alone. Medicine is pricy. Ugh.


    • Yeah, the meniscus thing was lucky… my surgeon did not even suspect that I had one because I had so much flexibility and my knee never “locked” (apparently because I have a lot of space in there and the flappy bit was finding room to be without causing the lock-up). And (just like you said) since there’s almost no blood flow to the meniscus, it’s lucky that they’re doing it in conjunction with the ACL repair…all that nice “ook” that’s been swelling up my knee will help the sucker heal more quickly than it would have on it’s own.
      It’s just (for me, a going-out-and-doing-things kinda gal), the 4-6 weeks feels like FOREVER!!!
      But you’re right — could be much worse!
      And, I hate to say it, but I have no idea how much the surgery costs… I haven’t seen the bill yet (and don’t know if I’ll ever see it, because I’m VERY fortunate and have very good insurance…they may bill the insurance directly. *If* I do see the bill, I’ll email you and let you know). The dead guy I think i may have gotten free (or near to) as I was part of a stage 4 clin trial about allographs…


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