This weekend I was more than a little antsy about the surgery…every time I thought of it I got the willies and became wonky and/or sad.  Sometime Sunday morning, working under the assumption that “expectation setting” was often a useful thing, I told Jeff that I would need “treats”* during my post-surgery recovery.  He acknowledged and said he’d thought of that already (yah!).

Last night was the worst night I’ve had in a while.  Had a devil of a time falling to sleep — flipping and flopping and worrying about my knee for hours.  Eventually I went to sleep, but when I awoke this morning I was still feeling ookie and strange.  When Jeff asked how I was, I told him that I felt a bit “off” but that I’d had a good dream involving a label-maker (I think, in my still-sleepy haze I may even have mimed the turning of the little wheel and squeezing of the little the handle to make it clear what I was referring to).

This label-making dream set off the OCD demon and so this morning I began to search for a label maker…I’d looked on eBay and was in the process of investigating Staples, since I knew Jeff had to go there anyway this week to return a mousie, when I found a nice little (new-fashioned, electronic) label-maker at a good price.  I emailed Jeff the URL and asked him if he thought it was a good label maker.

He then came into my room, carrying the label-maker.  Which he’d bought for me *yesterday*.  Before I told him I’d need “treats”.  Before I had my dream about label-makers.  Before I remembered my dream about label-makers (I don’t usually remember my dreams).  Before I even told Jeff my dream about label-makers (I don’t normally tell Jeff the dreams I do remember).


Nice label-maker, too!

* treats = small presents, toys, tasty food, ice cream… you know — the good stuff

4 thoughts on “Coinkydink?

  1. That is totally wierd!!! I love label makers! I borrowed one from my sister in law last year and had the most fun labeling folders and my spice containers :)
    Please let us know how the surgery goes! YOu are in my thoughts and prayers.


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