I’ve been dreading posting to LJ, ’cause I’m, well, honestly, a bit compulsive and obsessive (I know, all you guys that know me are shaking your heads in astonishment now) and there’s so much that I’ve not commented on, it now seems like a thoroughly daunting process to even *try* to catch things up with any degree of clarity, consistency or completeness.

I suppose I should just give up my anal-retentive desire to have a *complete* update and just start talking again, eh?

Christmas was lovely. Michigan was cold and remote, but beautiful. There are many tractor dealerships there. Jeff’s family is tres normal, which is pretty nifty. Our visit with Paul and Kate (outside London) was wonderful. I had my first real Christmas pudding, complete with booze and flames! The dollar being so low compared to the pound made After Christmas 50% Off Sales nearly meaningless. Huff the hedgehog was even cuter in person than he is in photos. I think I’m only a little allergic to him (but that might still be too much). Department stores in England have *fabric* and *yarn* and *notions*. London was cold and windy, but fun. Harrods still does a great tea and if you try to eat all the wee sandwiches and pastries you will not want dinner until waaaaaay too late to get dinner (say 10pm). Wagamama is the best noodle place ever. Plum wine mixed with fizzy water makes something vaguely cider-like. Germans celebrate New Years in a very raucous fashion. Fireworks (even the biggish ones) are apparently completely legal there. Even if you take a regional jet like Ryanair between London and Germany, you still need to remember that you’re crossing borders and you’ll have to do the whole customs thing (no, I wasn’t smuggling or anything, it was just a lot more rigmarole than I was expecting for an hour long flight). I took some pictures (which aren’t adequately labeled. Sorry).

(ok whew.)

The biggest thing on the horizon is that I have to have knee surgery (ACL reconstruction) on the 22nd, as my knee went “flippy” twice over the holidays (this is twice more *after* the original injury on 12/2). I am more than a little ookie about this, but honestly, I’d rather get this over with (pay for the pain up front, as it were) than continue to have my knee give out (“pivot shift” is the technical term for the badness) while doing completely normal activities like shifting position while sitting (I kid you not). Ick.

The good news is that my doctor, Dr. Higgins, seems to be very well-regarded in his field. And I trust him (which is worth a great deal in and of itself). I’m getting an allograph (contrast: autograph, from one’s own tissue), which means I’ll get a dead guy’s knee bits. Sorta ookie about that too (which is funny, since I am an organ donor!). Though it’s outpatient surgery, they want to keep me overnight for observation — and apparently as long as I don’t stay more than 23 hours it’s still outpatient! Odd. I go over to the hospital on Thursday for my “workup” (which sounds like something the mafia would do to me …) . (It’s a good sign that he travels with the Duke basketball team, right? They wouldn’t trust those knees to just anyone…)

Things are further complicated by the fact that the movers *were* scheduled to come the 15th-17th to load Jeff’s stuff on the truck, after which it was going on a merry journey of time-killing while he looks for his pied-a-terre in NY. Apparently the stuff can live on the truck for up to a month with no charge (and, in doing so, probably see more of the country than I have!), which is a very good thing, as he hasn’t even looked at places yet.

With my surgery now scheduled for next week (and they couldn’t do it this week), Jeff had to scramble to see if the movers could switch their pick-up to the week of the 21st. Of course the only day they had open was the 22nd, so we’re hoping the timing of the surgery itself and the desire of the moving dudes to come get his stuff don’t directly conflict. We’ll work it out one way or another, because if nothing else I can drive myself *to* the hospital…it’s just driving home on Wed. that will be out of the question.

And this weekend we went up to Maryland to go to Jeff’s friend Carolyn’s daughter Charlotte’s First Birthday Party. Then, on Sunday, we IKEA’d. All very good, if a bit exhausting, and it was a good distraction from the urgently logistical mess we’re in at the moment.

Not thinking about my knee. Ew.

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  1. good luck!!!
    I hope all goes smoothly with the knee surgery. No reason to expect anything else, and it sounds like you have a good doctor to work with.
    If you need help with transport from the hospital, let me know. Not sure from the dates listed if that would be the 22nd or the 23rd (b/c of the overnight stay). I can probably help help out on the 22nd and should definitely be able to help out on the 23rd.
    Oh, and I completely empathize with the compulsion to not want to skip putting stuff in LJ and getting backlogged because of it.


  2. knees
    Isn’t that a bizarre thing to think about — driving to the hospital just as normal-as-can-be, knowing that in just a few hours, you won’t be able to do what you’ve been doing nearly every day since you left college.
    Good Lord, I wonder what it must feel like to drive to church just before your wedding ceremony?!
    Phil (remembering to sign his name this time)


  3. Hello
    Hello, GreyCleric08 here regarding your Mayer question. Sorry about the long response time…anyway…I downloaded the live extended version of “No Such Thing” by sheer fluke under the title “Every Little Thing She Does”…but any live Mayer stuff either comes from the his older college albums, people with tape recorders, or “Any Given Sunday”…sorry I can’t be of more help…
    and thank you for the comments


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