I just got a call from the NRC asking me if I wanted to come to a dinner with President Bush!

(me, thinking I didn’t hear correctly): Pardon?
(her): (blah blah dinner Bush)
(me): I’m sorry, did you say ‘Bush’?
(her): (blah blah Bush dinner National Republican)
(me): I’m sorry, no thank you.
(her): but…
(me): I’m really not interested.  I don’t support Bush.

I was nice and she seemed to understand, but … what in heaven’s name did I do to get on *that* list?!?

Let’s see:

  • Uterus still owned by own self:  check.
  • Belief in equal rights under law for all people regardless of race, creed, color or sexual preference: check.
  • Stock in major oil companies: no check.


3 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. I got a call like that last fall before the election!! I was stumped. It was a “businessperson’s dinner” and as a “business leader” (WTF?) I was invited. My husband was like, “Don’t you want to go? Even just to meet the president?” and I had to say, “No, not only do I not like or respect the guy, this is most definitely a FUNDRAISER, and I’m not going to support that!” I nearly laughed in their faces when they called.


  2. FWIW, it all sounds good and normal from here. Having had my knee, elbow, and hip all dug into by medical professionals, I’ve gotta say that your knee healing will seem slow and annoying, but not debilitating for too long. Just awkward. Expect to be 30 days before anything seems “normal” – and it’ll still be a bunch of work after that. But they fixed it. Now you just gotta ease it back into moving.
    Lots of love. None to worry.


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