A thing that would make the universe better

someone on just posted about a nasty craft-related injury, which reminded me of one of my Brilliant Ideas ™

I think that they should create warning channels above and below the Discovery Channel (and any other network that shows ickky blood-filled operations on TV):

“Warning:  gross stuff on next channel down.  Skip two channels quickly if you don’t want to spend a few seconds figuring out what you’re looking at, only to then be completely repulsed and grossed out.”

3 thoughts on “A thing that would make the universe better

  1. Would this only be when gross stuff was going on, or all the time? Because I’ve seen tuners that would eliminate channels from the list of channels you can “flip through”. So if you were surfing, you’d just skip over it, but if you were tuning into it deliberately, you’d still get it.


    • Ideally it’d be only on when there was grossness. I don’t really want to skip DISC. compltely as there is some cool stuff on there. Just want to avoid the icckies. :)


  2. Nice idea! I read about the craft injury, too, OWIE wowie!
    I did some editing once that involved checking the back of a video cover to make sure it accurately represented what was in the video. No one warned me that the video had surgeries in it. i’d just eaten lunch, and I nearly tossed my cookies!


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