Recently I’ve been cleaning up and throwing out, which, considering I could easily play the role of the Mother of All Packrats (at least in the off-Broadway run), is a big fuzzy deal.  In the process of the purge (doesn’t that sound like the title of a movie?) I found of one of my old Dayrunners (for you young’uns, that’s an Old Skool PDA), which contained (amongst other non-perishables such as my telephone list and a page of Tigger stickers) a single sheet of quotes.  I *think* I said these.  (Google doesn’t think anyone else ever did, at any rate).  Anyway, they struck me as funny, so I repeat them here (and that way I can throw away the sheet of paper too  ;-);

  • Twizzlers are the Cornflower Blue of candy.
  • The movie was so bad we’re taking stars away from the movie listed under it.
  • We not only have a legal leg to stand on, we’ve got a bike to ride home if we want.

2 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. That’s so true. Twizzlers are so weak as a candy. And I could never get Cornflower blue to show up well on paper. Hell, even yellow marked stronger than Cornflower blue.


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