Well it’s about time, isn’t it?

I’ve been over busy of late, which is no excuse for the sporadic updates, but I’ve also not felt like typing.  (I actually HATE typing and would much prefer to dictate things… I can TALK for hours!)

Anyway, with my birthday having been last week there’s been a flurry of taking me out to dinners and lunches (work folks, Meghan, Jeff, and Mike [though that wasn’t technically a birthday dinner, it was a fund raiser that he’d won tickets for, but I gave him birthday credit anyway]), which is, of course, all to the good.  In addition, I’ve:

  • Gone to a wedding — my first Quaker service.  Much to my relief, the “quiet-unless-moved-to-speak” part lasted only about an hour and was partially filled by other non-me people.  I’ve had several folks trying to explain to me the concept behind “being moved to speak”; however, what they don’t seem to understand is that (for me) about 22 seconds of silence is enough to move me to speak.  At any rate, I enjoyed the service, which seemed not to trigger as much wedding anxiety as I usually have.  The fact that there was a pig-pickin’ and a GREAT cake afterwards increased my joy.
  • Attended a Baby Shower — not for me (duh), for a woman with whom I work
  • A Photo Shoot with Sarah — That sounds much more impressive than it was, which was mostly us walking around Franklin Street with me attempting to make helpful noises like “erm…when the thingie’s too much to the left, you need more light, so you could make the shutter speed bigger.  I mean faster…. I mean…”
  • Seen Laser Floyd — Yep, laser shows are back at the Morehead Planetarium.  I luuuurve me some laser shows.  Laser Beatles is starting next — who wants to go with me?
  • Done another Secret Shopping Expedition — to Big Bowl with Al (not my ex-boss Al, the Al I know through Larry’s roommate Greg)
  • Seen Peter Tork at the Six String Cafe — yep.  A Monkee.  Live and In Person.  He was actually quite fun (and not bad musically), though there was one completely surrealistic moment when he played a Bach piece on piano (think it was Brandenburg no.5 in D, but I won’t swear to that).  Monkee.  Bach.  Freaky.
  • Visited Centerfest — Mostly to look at display options in prep for the show I’m doing…

Oh, I haven’t mentioned that yet, have I?  Well, that’s been the other Big Thing that’s been eating my time.  I’m doing my first “craft show” this December.  It’s a fund raiser for Cary Academy (I got randomly lucky — is that tautologically redundant?? — and a friend of a friend [Inez] was looking for exhibitors and my name got thrown in.  I’m planning on having the following:

  • purses
  • scarves (knitted and polar fleece)
  • hats (knitted and polar fleece)
  • jewelry
  • keyrings
  • punk baby bibs
  • iPod/cellphone cozies

And perhaps I’ll put out a photograph or Polaroid emulsion transfer or two (it’s a “craft” show, so I don’t know what the market will be like for them, but what the heck?).

Needless to say, this raises all sorts of logistical issues — display?!  tags?!  pricing…  :|    It also requires *stuff*…lots of stuff… stuff I make.  So I’m making.  Part of my problem is that I really don’t care for “production work”…once I’ve made something once, I get bored with it. So (on the “thinking positively” side) that means everything I make is unique, but on the (depressingly realistic side) there are no “economies of scale” in production.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and how I feel about the things I make and have decided I’m OK (for now, when this is a hobby/side adventure, not anything like a Real Job) with this, and, from a marketing standpoint, can turn it to my advantage.

That being said, my *stuff* will continue to take a while to make.  Must Make More Stuff.

You have thoughts too?

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