(more on trip later, but for now)

Long days combined with a nervous system that’s not synched with local time are tricky, as evidenced by my experience this morning.

I  had a 9:00 am Ophthalmologist appointment, so I made sure to set my alarm.  I woke up right before the alarm went off, checked the big clock on the wall (one with dots at 12, 3, 6, & 9 but no numbers in between — smell the danger coming?), got up, showered and headed out the door.  Drive, drive.  Park.  Limp towards office (knee is still not 100%).  As I was walking up to the doctor’s office, I noticed one of those little “Back at” signs with the hands set to 8:30, so of course I thought they’d been forgetful about taking it down when they opened the office.  (I’d like to mention, in my defense, that I hadn’t had any coffee at this point). Sighed.  Pulled on door.  Locked.  Mumble mumble.  Dummies!  They didn’t even bother to remember to *unlock* the door.

By now I was a bit angry, so I checked my cell phone to see how late they actually were.

Sigh.  It was, in true sitcom style, 7:55, not 8:55.  I actually went to the grocery to kill time… I don’t think I’ve *ever* been in a grocery before 9am!

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