I’m broken

Last night at yoga I twisted my knee something fierce (nothing weird other than I didn’t get my balance well before I started a pose.  My stupidness.)  I can’t put any weight on my leg at all (thank heavens Mary, my roommate from high school, and Kim, another friend who happens to be the wife of a good friend from high school, brought me crutches)..on the way home last night I had visions of using my desk chair with wheels to try to scoot around the house.  I will be mostly in bed, with leg elevated, save for a Dr.’s appt. at 1:45. If you need me, call.

13 thoughts on “I’m broken

  1. Ouch!
    Sorry to hear that, Gina. Is this Marty’s yoga class you’re going to at the UUFR? Back in my day those were on Tue. nites but I of course haven’t been able to go in a long time. That period when I went (when living in Raleigh, late ’88 thru early ’90, with Larry, Kenny, Joyce, etc) made a huge imprint on my life that’s lasted ever since. Get well soon!!


    • Re: Ouch!
      No, it’s a class in Durham, taught by a woman named Joy. I’m so ill with myself over this — I *know* better than to do a pose before getting my balance right.
      Thanks for good wishes!


      • me too! i went to san domenico school for girls in marin county.. but i only lived there my senior year. residential and day, obviously!
        i loved it! did yo like boarding school? my roommate was from japan.. i learned bit of japanese too!


      • Loved it more than anything. NCSSM was the best thing I ever did, as far as choices that shaped the rest of my life… being surrounded by my (admittedly geeky) peers for 2 years was heaven. And, obviously, my friends from NCSSM have been lifelong. It was a Really Good Thing.


      • I have to mention this because it’s just too coincidental: I don’t know if you remember that my left knee has had this “trick” for several years that I could only describe as getting “flippy”? Well, a couple wks ago I noticed for the first time that when performing this stunt, there turns out to be ~something~ ~loose~ in the side of my knee that I can actually put my fingers on and feel floating around in there. So finally I mentioned this whole knee thing to my alt.med.practitioner, and it took her about 30 secs to figure out that the flippy bit is a torn meniscus, thus solving an over 5 yr old mystery for me. The coincidence is that we figured this out yesterday around 4:30, which I’m guessing might be almost the exact moment that your knee problem occurred. …Which just makes me wonder if something’s ~rising~ in some ~house~ that happens to govern Knee Function or something… So everyone, watch your step for a few days, ok? ;-)


  2. yoga damage
    i’m starting to think that yoga is the new hip way to damage yourself unexpectedly. and i went to the ncmls annual board meeting last week, and their VP of external relations had apparently had some kind of yoga accident sufficient to require surgery (which we learned about when she requested mike’s shoulder to stabilize her while walking down a very shallow slope). i can just see insurance companies classifying it as a high-risk recreational activity and starting to hassle people about coverage. i hope your knee heals quickly!


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