My very funny True Value

The True Value Hardware (Triangle True Value, as it were) has quite the sense of humor, it turns out, though I didn’t discover this until recently.

They have one of those tall lighted signs in front of the building with space on both sides for the stick-on lettering.  The one side I normally see (the sign you’d see if you were west-bound) always has some “normal” content like “Pansies: 6 for 2.00”.

Recently I’ve had occasion to see the other (eastbound traffic) side (which we see going from yoga to Chick-fil-a …yes, fast food is allowed — nay, even encouraged! (by me, anyway) — after yoga) and … it’s *hilarious*!

This week’s message:

miracle gro
clippers 4 your toe
garden hoe
step in

5 thoughts on “My very funny True Value

      • Well, Tuesday and Wednesday I’m at the Parkwood library in the morning for Toddler stuff – so either one would work well if the area around 54/55 is OK (or say something like Sarah’s Empanadas at 55/Sedwick). Mondays and Fridays I don’t have any regular activities, so I could make any place/time work with advance notice. Regardless, of course, I’ll be accompanied by a talkative almost-3-year-old. What would work for you?


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