Sad state of smoke detection

The smoke detector upstairs in my house is very “touchy.”  It’ll go off at the slightest provocation, like when I, for example, turn the oven on.  (And who can blame it really?  I mean, it’s the *oven*.  Anyway…)  I haven’t tried looking cross-eyed at it yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that set it off too.

This afternoon I was fixing myself a *very* belated lunch (or breakfast, depending on how you count it) of a BACT sandwich (Bacon, Avocado, Cheese & Tomato).  I have some of that Hormel-pre-cooked-in-a-bag-bacon, and it seemed a good opportunity to try it out.  Per instructions, I heated the bacon (though I think they said oven proper, and I used the toaster oven.  Oh well).  Well, bacon is a slippery beast, and one piece escaped through the toaster grate and landed on the …erm…hot thing (in an oven it’d be a coil, but this is straight, so that seems wrong, somehow).

Stinky pig-gone-way-too-far smoke poured out of the oven (causing me to panic and open the oven door *before* finding the tongs to remove the bacon.  Not, perhaps, my wisest choice ever, but the bacon deities were watching over me and the pig did not erupt into flames (which it would have had every right to do at that point).  While the voice of Bill Cosby (Bill Cosby Himself; watch it if you haven’t.  Tres funny) ran through my head, I grabbed the tongs and rescued (can you say rescue if it’s way too late for the rescuee?) or maybe just retrieved the bacon, and doused it in the sink.

Through all this, not a *peep* from the smoke alarm.

I should probably have that checked out, eh?

4 thoughts on “Sad state of smoke detection

  1. Oh dear! That sandwich sounds SOOOO good!
    I remember watching my grandma watching Bill Cosby HImself, she laughed so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks. I don’t know which was better watching Bill or watching her.


  2. Mmm, sammitch.
    BACT sounds great What kind of cheese?
    My dinner sandwich today: roast beef, tomato, mayo, and brown mustard; washed down with my (please don’t freak) happy drink of Diet Coke mixed with OJ.


    • Re: Mmm, sammitch.
      Cheese was Swiss.
      Drink is, well, … interesting.
      (I’d be more grossed out but McDonald’s Drugstore, the real soda shop I used to go to when I was at NCSSM, used to make a drink they called a Tootsie Roll that was coke mixed with OJ. It was not nearly as revolting as I feared.)


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