Clever (IMHO) solution to pet peeve

My favorite new music magazine, Paste Magazine, sends out a sampler CD every month with 20+ complete tracks.  This is a huge bonus, and makes the subscription worth it in and of itself, as far as I’m concerned.

The only bad thing is that the track listings are *on* the CD, which makes it sort of difficult to type them in during the ripping process (and putting them in after is a bigger pain) since you can’t see the listings when the CD is in the drive.

My ever-so-clever solution is to scan the front of the CD, then stick it in the drive.  Ta-dah!  I can read the track names *and* rip the CD.  Yah me.

3 thoughts on “Clever (IMHO) solution to pet peeve

    • I was working on Issue 9, which they don’t have a sleeve up for yet. (And the last time I did this, which was 2 months ago when I subscribed and bought a bunch of back issues, they didn’t have the sleeves up at all… that’s a new thing.)


  1. burrrrilliant!
    This is one of those *dang*, now why didn’t I think of that! moments….well, duh, cuz I’m so fuzzled from attempting re-entry to reality when I’d rather be back on the TRAIN….I can barely LISTEN to a CD, much less come up with the perfect type and burn solution…yoou ROCK, as always!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the sweet and amazing comment today to my *nearly deleted* post.


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