eeee-yikes! This is me:


… Nearly everybody has been mentally tortured at one point in their lives by an “earworm” — a tune that keeps repeating itself over and over in their heads.

The research also indicates that people who get the most earworms tend to listen to music frequently and have neurotic habits, such as biting pencils or tapping fingers …

My most recent “earworm” is the song Careful, by Guster, thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, LJC. Over and over. I had to download it from iTunes with my free Pepsi cap. I listened to it (I am not joking here) at lest 10 times in a row Thursday night. I looked up the lyrics, so I could sing along while listening to it ten times in a row Thursday night.

It is a really good song, though. :)

6 thoughts on “eeee-yikes! This is me:

  1. Killing earworms
    I used to recommend singing the Smurf’s theme to kill earworms, but now I find that Blister in the Sun works better. At least I don’t mind if I get the Violent Femmes stuck in a loop.


    • Oh my. Generation gap! I have no idea what the Smurf song sounds like. I am ollllllld. My TV-theme earwax is the Banana Split Gang Song (One Banana, two banana, three banana, four. Five banana, six banana, seven banana, eight banana.)
      That being said, “Blister” is a great replacement. Other favorites of mine include “Kashmir” (Led Zepplin), “Don’t Let’s Start” (They Might Be Giants) and “By the Mark” (Gillian Welch).


      • Generation gap?
        Um, I’m two months older than you.
        Hello, BTW. I think we have meet through Jason0x21.
        I’m the roommate that moved to California.


      • No way! How can you know the smurf song?!? That didn’t come on until we were in middle school did it?
        Were you at one of Jason’s parties? Which one? hmmmmmm


      • Smurf song…
        Let’s see… syndication started in 1981, so I would have just been in middle school. But I do have two younger sisters and an arrested development. I still watch cartoons.
        I think the last party at Jason’s I made it to was ‘tween 2002, but I was at Dana and Finley’s wedding, if you know them.
        You’re one of the NCSMS people, right? I also used to date T-Bear, about 10 years ago.


      • Bizarre
        Ok, I wasn’t at the 02 Tween party, I think? Unless I was with Larry…was I with Larry? (I was at this year’s…)
        I don’t know Dana and Finley.
        Who is T-bear? I am NCSSM, class of 86…


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