Safety Freaks

(Prompted by a comment that Sarah made in my journal:)

There are two kinds of people in this world:  the unpluggers and the not.

The unpluggers are the ones who, convinced that the curling iron/toaster/hair dryer/electric skillet will, of its own volition, take wing and land in the nearby sink full of water, electrocuting or at least severly harming everyone around, feel compelled to unplug any small appliance after every use.

The “nots” are people like me who assume that appliances, despite their sometimes seeming ability to be ornery, are not mobile and have no capacity for flight without assistance of a human sort (or maybe a large pet).  And since we’re not planning on throwing the curling iron/toaster/hair dryer/electric skillet into the sink, we don’t worry about it.

Which are you?

Do you unplug small appliances after using them?
Why, of course I do!  At any moment my toaster may wing its way to the sink, causing damage and despair.
No, of course not.  My curling iron knows far better than to go traipsing off towards the tub.
I don’t have any small appliances.  I live under a rock, and have unruly hair and raw bread.
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4 thoughts on “Safety Freaks

  1. Who’s got time to always be reaching around things to pull those darned plugs out? I used to unplug the hairdryer every day because it lived on a hook in the bathroom kind of near the sink. But now I keep it somewhere else so I don’t bother.


  2. Toaster? What’s that? We broil our bread in the oven or fry it on our griddle. It’s tough to melt cheese in the toaster.
    And I haven’t used a hair dryer in ages. Probably August, when my sister got married. Of course, I got my hair cut over a year ago, so why listen to me?


  3. I’m a(nother) “no” vote. Except that, depending on where I’m living at the time and how many outlets are in the kitchen and how much countertop space I have available, some lesser-used small appliances get unplugged and stored when I’m done. But if it lives out on the countertop, it stays plugged in.


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